Past courses

Since 2003: 20 „Proseminare“, „Basiskurse“ and „Übungen“ at the universities of Augsburg and Munich:


  •  Social and cultural history (German bourgeoisie in the 19th c.; social history of the interwar period; social history of the Federal Republic of Germany)
  •  Political ideas and constitutional history (19th c. socialist theories; German constitutions of the 19th and 20th c.)
  •  Political History (French Revolution; new research on World War I; Weimar Republic; Franco-German history of the interwar period)
  •  History of the Third Reich (universities and academic research; historiographical controversies; Nazi Germany and Europe)
  •  Economic and business history (German business and the Nazi Regime; economic crisis in the 20th c.)
  •  Methods and theories (demography; the Bielefeld School of social history; Exhibiting the Third Reich: expositions and narratives)